AXA Prime Impact

At Global Health Funds, we have partnered with the impact investing team at AXA Investment Managers to finance innovations and advancements to address communicable and non-communicable diseases around the world. We are actively investing globally and have the following criteria:

Goals:  To generate compelling financial returns and bring promising therapeutics, medical devices and diagnostics to patients globally, including low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) and disadvantaged populations in high-income countries.

Stage:  We can invest at any stage, but we prioritize programs with clinical proof of concept that are within 2-3 years of regulatory approval. We finance companies needing capital for late-stage development as well as early commercialization.

Indications of Interest:  Our therapeutic remit includes a multitude of indications including infectious diseases, maternal & child health, vision, diabetes, asthma, trauma, obesity and oncology, amongst others.

Lead:  We typically lead or co-lead investments, but are comfortable joining syndicates as well. We target between $5m and $10m per company, but can invest more or less depending on the circumstance.

Impact:  Each investment must support products that can improve global health. We aim to deploy our capital, and use our global networks and expertise to help companies get products to patients, including disadvantaged populations, whilst generating attractive financial returns for shareholders.

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