Case Study


Atomo for HIV and
COVID-19 diagnostics

Stats: 600,000 Lives Improved; 47,000 Lives Saved  (Per Year at Scale)

With HIV, early diagnosis can be the defining line between life and death. Proper diagnosis can also help stop the spread of illness in developing nations. GHIF invested in Atomo Diagnostics in an attempt to drastically improve at-home and point of care testing for HIV. This investment helped lead to significant advancements in self-testing and diagnosing HIV.

GHIF and Atomo enabled tens of thousands of people to use these new self-tests to determine whether they were HIV positive. This advancement has been an important tool for stopping the spread of HIV in regions where quality healthcare is scarce.

Atomo’s Rapid Diagnostic Test – developed with the support of GHIF – has provided another weapon in the fight against the spread of HIV. It is estimated that the partnership between GHIF and Atomo is projected to save approximately 47,000 lives, and improve at least 600,000 more.

Today, Atomo’s Rapid Diagnostic platform is being utilized to help increase point-of-care and self-testing access for COVID-19. In April 2020, Atomo and French diagnostics company, NG Biotech, SAS, announced a partnership that will help supply Atomo’s integrated blood test devices to NG Biotech to use for its CE Marked blood-based antibody rapid COVID-19 test. The test, which can generate results in 15 minutes, can help reduce the stress of healthcare systems around the world—all of which are working full-time to help fight the pandemic.

Atomo completed an IPO on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)
in April 2020.

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