Case Study


IanTech for
cataract-induced blindness

Stats: 1,500,000 Lives Improved  (Per Year at Scale)

GHIF invested in IanTech to support development of a medical device combating cataract-induced blindness. The investment from GHIF helped IanTech create MiLoop: an easy to use, inexpensive, and efficient surgical device that is now available to healthcare providers all over the world.

Cataracts cause blindness in over 20 million people globally, but the effects of cataracts in the developing world are not limited to lack of sight. There is tremendous financial strain placed upon those who suffer from cataracts, as well as those who care for them. GHIF’s investment in IanTech helped spark critical innovation in how cataract-induced blindness is treated and is projected to improve the lives of more than 1.5 million people worldwide. Iantech enables small-incision cataract surgery without any expensive capital equipment.

This successful partnership with IanTech served to reinforce GHIF’s ‘dual bottom line’ approach to investing. GHIF seeks to make investments that not only have a definitive social impact, but also those that can generate positive financial returns. The relationship between IanTech and GHIF served both of those goals.

GHIF exited its investment in IanTech after it was acquired by Zeiss Meditech. Leadership at IanTech and GHIF continue to train local doctors on how to use the device in Tanzania, Ehtiopia, India, and other low-income countries.

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